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This webpage is about Tycoon in Schools. This is a project to give children an idea about how businesses work. They are given some money to start their OWN business. This page is to help 5 businesses from Muxton school promote their ideas and to provide good products or services.

JLM Fashion

Pens and Pencils on the go

Dreamy Crafts

We are a group of creative girls who have got some experience in accessories for girls.We make products and put in 100% effort and love. We will make our products for all genders so as well as hair accessories we will have items such as stress balls. We create carefully made items and are keen that you are 100% happy with your purchase.

We will be working with pens and pencils. We will be selling these in school to help the students to get organised. We will also be selling rubbers and other useful things for students. All the products will be hand made.

We are a team of creative girls who want people of all ages to be happy through crafts. Some of the products we will be selling include dream catchers, friendship bracelets and glitter jars. Some crafts for younger ages will include rockets and plastic snowglobes.


Jazzy Jewels

ABC Learning

Working with Mr Smith and Sigal

Business guide by Sigal

We will be making jewellery for our customers. Each piece will be handmade and unique. We will be getting feedback from our customers to improve our business and make sure they are happy. If people are not 100% happy they can have a 1 week money back guarantee.

We are going make and buy resources to help students to learn. We will choose the best resources to help the children. These will include maths shapes which will laminate. We will donate some of our profit to charity. We are keen to develop the community.


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