Muxton Researchers

We are a school in Telford (UK). We love to find out new things. We also know that we have to check things on the internet to show that they are true and accurate. We will be advising you on some great online resources to help you with various projects. By Yr5 at Muxton Primary (1st October 2019)

Top 10 sites for researching about Egypt


1. Primary Homework Help


2. BBC Bitesize


3. National Geographic Kids


4. British Museum

5. Kiddle search engine

6. Children's University of Manchester

7.History extra

8. History for Kids

9. Bing Maps (as well as Google Maps and Google Earth)

10. Ducksters Egypt (avoid popups as we normally do)






Also use books such as Horrible Histories

 and watch movies such as 'Night at the Museum)






Facts about Egypt

The first  female ruler of Egypt was Hatshepsut

Donkeys were used instead of camels until the end of the dynastic period.

The population is larger than the UK. Over 97 million people.

Search engines

We use the 'kid friendly website Kiddle to searvch for facts. It provides us with pictures too.