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Congratulations to Amelie who was the winner of the e-safety mascot competition.Her entry Cyber dog will help 'guide' perople to stay safe online.


This page provides you with a range of useful ideas and resources. It is maintained FREE of charge to encourage discussion around this key area.


All of us need to help students to be


1. Resilient and robust 

2. Be willing to share worries

3. Help others to stay safe


Remember to get students to CREATE (eg podcasts, video clips, comics, screencasts, websites, blogs and posters) as well as CONSUMING other people's content.


 In this way they will UNDERSTAND and REMEMBER more.


Esafety advisor website (Alan Mackensie)


NEW: Scale from 1-10 to help discussion
Evaluating Website
Discussing things to treasure

Tuesday 9th February: Registration

Theme: 'Exploring reliability in the online world'

Computing and Esafety FAQ.pdf
Frequently asked questions
Online Safety Newsletter Oct 2020.pdf
20% off via
NEW 2020 version. Links with 'project evolve'

Project Evolve: Esafety resources

Parental Controls booklet 2020.pdf

Coming in 2021

9th Annual Esafety Conference: Jan 2021

CEOP link

Alan's Mackensie FREE resources are here

Common Sense Media information

Internet Matters content

Childnet resources

NSPCC Info. here (Content, conduct, contact)

Vunerable children in a digital world report

BBC Webwise vocabulary

Lilmiquela AI Bot information

Subscribe to Internet Watch Foundation

SWGfl resources

Deepfakes integrate audio, facial changes and backgrounds to make it LOOK like someone said something they didn't. How to spot 'deepfakes'

A humorous insight in to Phishing

FREE software to show how images can be manipulated. Pixilart and Photopea

Primary: SID 3-7 and 7-11

Secondary: SID 14-18 plus

Myth vs Reality (PSHE 11-14)

Parent and Carers: SID link

Primary Stuff

3. EYFS, KS1 and KS2 example plans kindly shared by Tom Plim (Priorslee Academy, Telford)
From Tom Plim
From Tom Plim

4. Game with different questions for each year


Secondary Stuff


1. CEOP content is key

2. Animated stories (half way down)

3. Stay in control

4. Know it all toolkit

5. A-Z of E-safety

6. Be Smart Students

7. Five activities (CEOP) (PDF)





1. Magazine by Alan MacKensie

2. Useful advice for parents

3. Online magazine from vodaphone including facebook and parental controls on Windows 7

4. Checklist for parents (PDF)

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