Chroma key

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Chroma key_Pt1.pdf
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Chroma key allows us to create a video or image against a plain cloth or wall.

We can now make this plain colour disappear to reveal a layer behind.

Using the app DoInk GreenScreen (£4.99)

(volume purchasing can apply)


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Step 1: Choose a backpround

Create your own

Take a picture

Use an existing photo (copyright free)

Pixels or Photos for Class

(you can also download a video as your background)

Step 2: Act or pose infront of a plain background

We normally use green or blue as they aren't skin tones (unless you are an alien!)

The official name is 'Chromakey'

Step 3: Layer the images or video

Background image/video goes at the bottom

The middle layer is for you 'chromakey' content

Top tayer can be used for another chromakey