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Computing At School

We have our own group that covers Telford and Shropshire. People from other areas are welcome to come along.

It is run by volunteers who are keen to support schools to develop computing, coding and programming.

See our CAS Hub information here 

email to find out more

If you would like to start your own HUB this is a useful link. You can see a map of all the hubs and events here

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Gozoob Video

Exam Boards: 

AQA: Computer Science

Cambs. GCSE Massive Open Online Course


OCR Computing Community and MOOC


Edexcel Community

NCFE: Level 2 Course for students

Group Member's Content:

Duncan Maiden's blog

From Pam Jones: Pseudocode

Pam Works at Oldbury Wells School, BNorth

From Richard Smith: E-safety outline

Example e-safety outline from Richard Smith

The loudness bird SCRATCH project

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MakeyMakey Board.


Computer Science Unplugged

Hodder Textbook ComputeIT

Courses for teachers

Walsall College: Qualification for teachers. Contact 

To start discussions:

15 ways of teaching coding

Organisations that work with the group

(Paul Brewer)

(Richard Smith)


Useful links based on current discussions

NEW: Pioneers for 12 - 15


NEW: IDEA learning

NEW: Hello World Magazine

NEW: SeeSaw

Programming Language Infographics

BCS Certificate

KEY: Quickstart Computing


1. Computing at School Community

2. Try an hour of coding via

3. Simulate a network via Packet tracer

4. Find out about CAS West Mids. Contact Duncan Maidens from BCU if interested.

5. Key Vocabulary by Pete Dring (CAS)

6. Raspberry Pi initiative. 10 inspiring ideas

7. One programming platform. Touch Develop

8. One source of a grant; Wolfson Foundation

9. Extending students (eg Codeavengers)

10. SNAP and BlocklyOne of the good things about blockly is it can export the code as Python or Javascript so bridges the visual to textual national curriculum requirements (thanks Ian Lynch)

11. Computer Science Guide (for Microsoft from Miles Berry) Includes networks (pg 26)

12. Literacy from Scratch (linking the two)

13. Javascript tutorials Khan Academy

14. Python wiki (with useful ideas and links)

15 PythonSchool which contains videos and useful materials for use in school


working with CAS