Windows Operating Systems and Software

This webpage explains about different  Windows software and operating systems and why you might like using them.

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A lot of people were concerned about Windows 7 when it first came out because Windows Vista was not as good as predicted.
However, Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista. It has a great interface and it is very quick to run on most devices.
The disadvantage is that some programs designed for Windows XP will not run on this new operating system.
Windows 7 still has a number of great features that were first introduced with Windows Vista like the easy search option on the start menu.
Windows 7 has been around for quite a while so it is very stable and hence doesn't crash much. It is not going to have any more updates.
Windows 7 has a number of useful accessories such as a 'screen snipping tool for capturing images', 'postit' notes and new versions of the audio recording tool.

At this current time Windows 8 is the newest Windows operating system. 
It is very different from all the other Windows operating systems because it is displayed like a mix of PC operating systems and portable operating systems.

Microsoft are likely to have decided to make Windows 8 like this because you can buy tablets and Smartphone’s with Windows 8 installed and hence it allows the dragging of items on the screen.
The confusing part is that there are different versions of Windows 8.
Some allows you to have a desktop and install programs but some don't let you do either and some let you just have the desktop.
Windows Phone 8 is the version that you will find on a Smartphone it does not allow a desktop or programs.
Then there is Windows 8 rt which allows you to have a desktop but not install programs.
However, if you get Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro you can have a desktop and install programs.
This might sound terrible but remember Windows 8 has its own app store and a mobile styled layout anyway so both the desktop and programs are optional.
If you want to install the programs you have on Windows XP, Vista or 7 you must buy Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.
Another new thing with Windows 8 is that is it made to work with keyboards and touch screens but most people say it is better with a touch screen.
Windows 8 is very different and it works well. However for those who love the older style Windows 8 is not for you.

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Scratch is surprisingly a free program that allows you to make animations using basic programming techniques.
It is a great for learning the first parts of programming but to also use your pixel art skills since you can make your own sprites and backgrounds.
This program is a lot of fun and is great for using your IT and Art skills at the same time.
Download the program here:

Microsoft Moviemaker is also a FREE download via here