25th September:

The new technology agenda and the new computing programme of study
Understanding logic and algorithms
Developing a meaningful curriculum that works for your school

2nd October:
Computing: a progression of skills: from Daisy to Scratch (@eyebeams)
Understanding abstraction and data representation
Cross curricular technology: top 10 programs and apps.

9th October:
Computing: Graphical input vs text input: Kodu and Python
Understanding debugging a program and repetition in programming
The world of Apps: iPad vs android tablet vs windows tablet

23rd October:
Computing: online offerings to schools
Understanding: computer networks including the internet
Online communication: how we can work together

'Policy is dead so smart schools do it for themselves' Merlin John

Ideas from the group: (chat/email/post its/twitter #telfordtech)

  • Try out Kodu to feed back next week (logic and algorithm)
  • Try our Frog maths game as an example of an algorithm (animation app to try is called Animate it)
  • Idea of making a sandwich algorithm is complex and FUN (video)
  • Version two of a POSSIBLE curriculum outline has been uploaded (see bottom of page)...Schools need a meaningful curriculum
  • Awareness that skills on tablets are developing for those that have devices at an earlier age (reflect in curriculum)
  • Technology needs to be pushed from Heads, SMT and Governors
  • Emphasise cross curricula links with English and Maths
  • Many staff need pointing in direction of scheme of work and software that is suitable
  • Algorithms are a key term to understand
  • Daisy the Dinosaur, do students need to be able to read first?
  • 2DIY as amethod of designing interactive games (eg fruit drop game with points)
  • Makeymakey board as an input method (eg using bananas!)
  • Python as a text based programming language (eg via codeacademy)
See you in 2 weeks...spread the word!


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Kodu work from the group:

Can this program be simplified?

Free for student on PC at home

£5 on Xbox

On all T+W PCs

Links on this page

The Group:


Joe Butler and Mark:  Aqueduct Primary School

Chris Chiverton: Newdale Primary

Chris Sturgess: Randlay Primary

Vikki Middleton: Ladygrove

Charlotte Hendrie: Dawley C of E Primary

Mandy Nelms: Lightmoor Primary

Karen Gibbons: Hollinswood Primary