About the day

100 students will be exploring the Rasperry Pi Computer.

Well done to Base 10, 9, 8 and 7

There are journalists who will be posting ideas during the day

Top links to find out more

1. The Rasperry Pi foundation: The official site for all things Pi.

2. Projects you can try: coding, building and design.

3. Explore the Pi via Scratch: With a simple program from Mr Smith

10 facts about the Pi

1. It's a pocket sized computer.

2. The Pi uses a small digital card (called and SD card) to store data

3. You can load games, programs and even music and movies.

4. You need to plug in a mouse and keyboard (via USB ports)

5. You can connect to a screen through a HDMI slot in the Pi.

6. There is a headphone slot suitable for music purposes or whilst on the phone to family/friends.

7. This is made in China.

8. You can also access the internet  through this minature sized computer

9. You can also access a calculator; great for schooling purposes.

10. There is also a slot for the Ethernet cable to connect to a network

Note: Mrs Tyrer was impressed how quickly the programs load. (but please remember there are no individual logons or saving to a shared network drive as we have them set up in school).

How to use apps/games

The Raspberry Pi has lots of applications  installed on the SD Card.

For example

A. Minecraft

B. Free 'Office' type software called Libra Office (including wordprocessor and spreadsheet)

C. You can access Tetris by clicking the raspberry icon.

D. Brain Game: You access the brain game by going onto projects and it is under the topic of games.

E. You can also a game called Flippy (a chequers game)

Note: some of the games have been written using Python which is a coding language that you will learn in Secondary schools.