Thank you- what a brilliant way to train teachers to better understand and apply the computing curriculum, from NQTs to old hands! Great day, lots of accessible ideas delivered with a laugh. Helen Osterfield. Headteacher, Tibberton Primary School (after Innovation P.D. Day)

'Richard inspired the staff and gave us a lot of good ideas' Colin Mahy, St Marys Albrighton

'Absolutely brilliant….I am feeling more confident and inspired’ J.T.

'Thanks for your fantastic inspiration today. I learnt so much!'  Jenny Abbott, Randlay Primary Telford

'Richard's work gave a real personal boost to children who struggle socially as they were able to help others. Everyone could participate and achieve something whatever their ability'. Samantha Williams, Apley Wood Primary, Telford

'Richard's individual work with ASC (Autistic Spectum Condition) students has helped to raise their self esteem and social interaction' Lindsay Fellowes (Autism Specialist), Southall Secondary School, Telford

'Children have really developed their programming knowledge and are keen to help each other out with the debugging process. The lower ability children are often helped by the more proficient without a loss of self esteem. Children have developed their problem solving skills and independence. They are also more than keen to work at home' Daniel Jessel, Hollinswood Primary School, Telford.

'Thank you for making your sessions so stimulating for the Associate Teachers, I know they have all learned a huge amount, and thoroughly enjoyed your sessions' Sue Smith, Severn Teaching School Alliance Co-ordinator


‘Very informaive with lots of innovative ideas to use in school’ G.H.

100% useful’ B.H.

'A one-stop shop for all of your computing and e-safety needs' Sarah Little, Newport Girls High School

'As a Cover Supervisor I found that the work I did with Richard was invaluable when it came to teaching the children computing. It meant that I had a better understanding of what the teacher’s planning required from me to deliver to the class. Richard and I also worked on a project which involved the children producing a short ‘green screen’ film which I found much easy to relay to the children due to having first-hand knowledge from him rather than a quick summary from the teacher in an already busy school day' Michelle Marshall, Holmer Lake School

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