Ironbridge-The first Ironbridge in the world

Great overview from ICE (Civil engineers)

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Designing a bridge in 3D

This is easier than you think. It can even be done well by students as young as 7. The video below shows you how. 

The program was owned by Google but is now owned and run by Trimble.

Download Sketchup here

Incredible modelling


Look at the first 5 seconds of this video from Luk Towans. Is it real or a model?


Zooming in on Bridges

You can look at the detail on bridges by zooming in..... These gigapixel images have been created by stitching together thousands of smaller pictures.

See if you can name some of the bridges in London by clicking here.

Image description

Student Work

The best activities usually involve students (and adults) building their own bridge. Here is a great suspension bridge designed by Milly at Barrow 1618 School in Barrow, Shropshire

Image description