Here is some useful information about 3D design and printing created by Richard and Ryan from AmazingICT

1. A FREE 3D design package we use in school is called Tinkercad. Ask your family to sign up to this so they can work with you and supervise (13+)

2. Designs can be saved online and shared within a design community. (be polite about other people's designs please)

3. You can EXPORT  your design in a .STL format to your computer and view it in a FREE 3D viewer such as

4. Two of the AmazingICT schools have 3D printers supported by the company Shropshire3D printers. Contact Paul to lease or buy one. 

5. You can also link coding with 3D design and printing using BlocksCAD and OpensCAD. We can support both packages. Email 

Tinkercad for beginners.pdf
A simple help sheet for staff and students
How to make a pirate ship in Tinkercad_vs2.pdf
Instructions on how to make a model boat
Some keys to press to save time
Image description